The Holidays Activities at the Men and Families Center, Inc. are a joy for the staff, volunteers and the Neighborhood Navigators!  It is a time to reflect, provide holistic supportive services to those in need and to stand in the gap and bring about changes in people’s conditions.  As the Executive Director, my staff and I take great pride in providing the various outreach services and activities that are offered at our center.

We are in the business of helping people help themselves.  So much care is given to ensure that any family or individual that comes to our center in need of food, clothing,  job referral or placement, child support or other social determinants will have the best possible chance of being connect with resources at the center or within the community.

With all this being said we would like to publicly thank all of the people and organizations that have helped make all these activities and services  come to fruition over the last 18 years. Without your compassion and willingness to serve people especially children in to ensure that they have the best chance possible to live a normal and happy life. We would like to thank you for answering our calls. . If not for your desire and we would not have been able to pull these initiatives off the ground year after year it each one of you were not standing in the gaps for us.

Thank you for believing in our programs  and the services that we provide for all that are in need of them in  Baltimore City and the State of Maryland.  For this We say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May we continue doing these services until we put ourselves out of business





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