Every year, the Men and Families Center, Inc. provides Thanksgiving Food Baskets to 250 or more disadvantaged men and families, who without this vital resource would not be financially able to provide nutritional and healthy sustaining meals to their children or families during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

 The area that surrounds the center has been identified as a “Food Desert.” The residents are not able to access supermarkets or merchants who offer a variety of fresh, nutritional produce, meats etc.   Our center is, in turn, taking a proactive approach in making fresh produce and nutritional foods accessible to the men, women and, children we serve. This is true at the center and the free clinic as well as well as the surrounding communities.

 Last year, our center was able to provide more than 250 Thanksgiving Food Baskets to more than 180 families (with 4 or more children), 40 seniors, and 60 emergency food baskets to other collaborative partnering agencies that were in need of assistance for their clients.   This is one of six (6) annual or weekly give-a-ways provided by the center to men, women, children, and seniors.