Life Skills
  •       Presentation
  •       Budgetingjob skills
  •       Being prepared for work
  •       Managing
Pre Employment
  •       How to create a resumepre-employment picture
  •       How to complete an application online
  •       How to search for jobs online
  •       How to prepare for an interview
  •       Proper dress for the interview
Referrals to Employment
  •       Connections directly to jobs resume photo
  •       Training Opportunities
Referrals to Housingkeys to the house
  •      Programshousing in your hands
  •      Housing Connections
  •      Advocating for Housing
Health and Insurances
  •      Linkages to Supportive Services
  •      Connecting to Charm City Clinichealth care screening
  •     Value of having both parents involved
  •     Mom can’t be a Dadparenting and families
  •     Visitation
  •     Child support
  •     Mediation


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