The purpose and function of the EgbeAkokonrin Rites of Passage, developed by The Men’s Center, is to facilitate community-conscious manhood development in East Baltimore.

If we are to change the conditions that make life in the HEBCAC area risky and, at times, perilous, we cannot afford to randomize the development of males who are the source and victims of much of the “crime” in our community.

The Rites of Passage program targets:

• boys 8–12 years oldRites of Passage pictures #1

• youth 13–18 years old

• young men 19–25 years old

• men over 25 years old

This program was established to help youth be more respectful of eldeRites of passage picture #2rs, women, their communities and themselves. The Rites of Passage program draws in strength from an Afrocentric value system that brings young men through a series of prescribed developmental stages towards manhood. It is offered to males ages 8-18 as an 8-week long program. To date, over 100 young men have completed this program.


 The major discussion topics covered in this program are:

  •  Mind and Manhood
  •  Drug Abuse Prevention
  •  Abstinence
  •  School Retention
  • A Clean Record: No Arrests


Young men are encouraged and mentored to focus and create realistic goals that will assist them into becoming strong, accountable, responsible, and productive individuals, in their families, schools, and communities.